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Covered Plants

Nursery Greenhouse



Premium Quality Water Soluble:

- Cal-Mag Formulas

- Custom Formulas

- Hydrophonic Formulas

- Over 129 Formulas

- Turf Formulas


100% Natural Organic Fertilizers:

- Approved for Organic Agriculture


Liquid Fertilizers:

- Custom Blends

- Bulk Delivery


Rooting Hormone:

- Rapid Root Indole 3-Butyric Acid

- 1 lb. Roots up to 30,000 Cuttings

- Recommended for easy to start plants I.e. begonias, geraniums, roses; also semi-hard wood arbor vitae


Wetting Agents:


E-Z Wet Soil Penetrant 15-G

- Granular for incorporating into planting media or broadcast applications

- 15.0% Active Ingredient


E-Z Wet Soil Penetrant 26.0%

- Economical Active Liquid

- Recommended for difficult to re-wet planting media

- Non-alcohol


E-Z Wet Soil Penetrant 80.0%

- Highly concentrated for constant or intermittent injector feeding systems

- Reduces water use, runoff, puddling & ponding




EDTA-Spray Dried Powder:

- 12.0% Manganese

- 14.0% Copper

- 6.0% Iron EDDHA

- 13.0% Iron

- 14.0% Zinc

- 9.0% Calcium


EDTA Liquid

- 2.25% Magnesium

- 5.0% Manganese

- 4.5% Iron HEDTA

- 5.0% Copper

- 3.0% Calcium

- 6.0% Zinc


Metal Nitrate Solutions:

Compatible with Calcium Nitrate in tank mixes with no precipitates.


- Magnesium Nitrate Solution: 7.2% Nitrate Nitrogen, 6.5% Metal

- Manganese Nitrate Solution: 6.0% Nitrate Nitrogen, 12.0% Metal

- Zinc Nitrate Solution: 7.0% Nitrate Nitrogen, 17.0% Metal

- Iron Nitrate Solution: 7.1% Nitrate Nitrogen, 9.5% Metal


Citric Acid Chelates:

Non-Burning / Amine Compatible / Fast Greening effect:


- 5.0% Iron

- 10.0% Zinc

- 25.0% Potassium

- 5.0% Copper

- 5.0% Manganese




Salt Breakthru:

Fast acting liquid concentrate, designed for injector systems. Effectively controls bicarbonate, acidifies alkaline soil and water. Also leaches sodium from soil. Use 4 ozs. per 1,000 gals of water.



21.70% actives, greenhouse disinfectant for tools, containers. Kills viruses, algae, fungus, bacteria and mildew. Biodegradable.


Laboratory Testing:


Special Products:


Bio-Cozyme W.C.C. (Powder):

10% Iron EDTA Chelate with biostimulant package of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes plus 5 bacteria inoculants. Apply 1 oz. per 1,000 sq, ft.


Bio-Cozym 2-2-2 (Liquid):

Natural organic biostimulant help plants produce more of their own growth, promoting compounds resulting in improved yield and quality.


Fertaplex 8-0-0:

Economical, fast acting foliar spray that contains iron, magnesium, sulfur, manganese and low biuret urea. Use 2 ozs. per 1,000 sq. ft.


Humic Acid (Liquid):

Provides a soluble source of organic matter that act as a substrate for beneficial soil microbes. Humic Acid temporarily increases the cationic exchange capacity of the soil.



Supplies 9 secondary and micro plant 'nutrients for pre-plant incorporation into soil-less media. Use 1 to 1.5 Lbs. per cubic foot of soil.


PHOS Pro - System Fungicide:

For control of Pythium, Phytophthora, Botrytis, Alternaria, Peronospora (downy mildew), Erwina (fire blight), and Xanthomonas (bacterial blight).


Rootplex - Iron:

Liquified seaweed extract with iron, humic acid, natural growth hormones and amino acids. Provides noticeable root mass growth. Dilute 1 to 100 for use.


Seaweed Extract:

A superlative choice for foliar sprays. Contains over 60 nutrients, N-P-K, secondary, micronutrients, amino acids and natural occuring growth hormones.



Soluble silicon for foliar application or injector systems. Silicon incorporates in outer plants' tissues and plays both a preventive and curative role in plant fungal infactions. Effective at dilution as low as 1 :750.


Soluble Micro-Mix:

Water soluble - provides 7 micronutrients for foliar spray or injector tank. For constant or intermittent feeding, use 4 to 10 ozs. per 100 gallons of injector tank.


Spreader N-90:

California EPA approved spray adjuvant for fungicides, pesticides or herbicides. Economical 90% actives concentrate.


Super Tracer Dye:

- Blue, Red or Green

- Spray Pattern Indicators

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