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Home Grown Squash

Hobby Market  Residential  Small Package

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HOBBY MARKET - The Grow More Difference


Constant achievement through applied research has been our motto since 1918 and provides the basis for the dedicated product quality and consumer preference.


  • Grow More is ranked number one as the brand consumers prefer in the Western U.S.A.

  • World wide distribution and leading expert in agriculture – horticulture and floriculture

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

  • Superior Technology

  • Optimal Production Facilities

  • Service through the product life cycle


Packaging That Creates Demand


The Grow More category of products is one of the fastest growing brands in the Western U.S.A. Countless customers rely on research, innovation and new technologies.


Research and Development: Grow More maintains a customer base of commercial wholesale plant growers and agricultural crop production growers. This experience brings continual improvement to the entire product family.


Consumer Research: What do consumers want? What gets a consumer to respond? We focus on what raises customer’s awareness for their special needs, accurately and effectively for profitable growth and brand loyalty.


Innovation: New products, improved packaging, helps keep consumers aware of new technological improvements and keeps our product category profitable and satisfying to our customers.

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