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The Grow More Vision

Hands in the Soil

Who We Are

With distribution on five continents, Grow More, Inc. is a major international manufacturer, with leading market position in a broad range of agricultural, horticultural and specialty chemicals.


People Create the Value

A global network of more than 3,500 talented agronomists, chemists, engineers and field technicians work diligently to make people's lives better with the highest quality products and science based solution.


Our Commitment

To create value through product and service excellence, to build trust with end user, dealers and distributors. To continue contributing to environmental protection and maximize health and safety in the workplace and field, while inspiring value, and creative innovation.


What We Do

Our goal at Grow More, Inc. is to develop innovative scientific solutions for our, customers - first in the form of quality products, but also in the form of expertise, information, technology and advance science. We want to help our customers be successful by providing solutions that break through the barrier of traditional products.

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