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Lettuce Farm


FERT-ALL Ace Micronutrients & Fertilizer
  • Acetate micronutrients and fertilizers are designed for use in high pH soils with high phosphorous, or high potassium.
  • Mobilize phosphorous, calcium and other nutrients tied-up in soil.



Metal Nitrate Solutions 
  • For rapid correction or prevention of mineral deficiencies.

  • Easily and readily absorbed in foliar application by themselves or in tank mixes with other liquid nutrients.

Calcium Nitrate: FOLIAR CAL

Copper Nitrate

Ferric Nitrate

Magnesium Nitrate: MAG-NITE

Manganese Nitrate

Nitro Citra Vantage

Nitro Citra Guard

Nitro Zinc

  • Fully chelated performance micronutrients that remain bio-available to the plant over a wide range of soil and water pH for the prevention or correction of nutrient deficiencies.

  • Apply via foliar or fertigation.

  • Spray Dried Powder

9.3% Calcium EDTA

6% Iron EDDHA

6% Magnesium EDTA

13% Manganese EDTA

Maxi Plex Chelate

FERT-ALL Micronutrient Lignin-Sulfonate 
  • Ligno-Sulfonates are natural chelating agents derived from sustainable wood, in addition to protecting the metal ion lignin provides carbohydrate, carboxylic acids, organic carbon and other organics to the rhizosphere when applied by fertigation. Also effective in foliar application.

CITRA GROW Micronutrients 
  • Derived from carboxylic acid and approved for organic farming. The Citra Grow organic molecule is easily assimilated and metabolized within the plant.

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