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Biological Soil Treatments



Grow More offers science based innovation to unlock the abundant possibilities for soil and plant health, providing more choices for growers to farm crop sustainable.

Biologicals are a wide category of plant protection and plant growth strengthening products that are derived from or inspired by nature. There are two main categories.

Bio-Control — Based on naturally occurring substances that are used for biotic stress management in the control of bacterial and fungal diseases and nematodes.

Bio-Stimulants — Products applied to plants or the rhizosphere that stimulate the natural process of growing plants, and provide beneficial results in crop quality and yield, or greater tolerance to environmental stress.



Resyst — Protects plants' roots from parasitic nematodes and certain soil-borne diseases, stimulates plant root system and the indigenous root colonizing rhizo bacteria and fungi, designed for use in calcareous soils, soils low in organic matter, clas loan, silt alkaline or sodic soils.
Bio-Cozyme WSC

Bio-Cozyme WSC — Foliar application to the aerial parts of the plant leaves and stems Provides beneficial resistance to disease causing fungi and bacteria. Also enhances plant vigor and microbial diversity.

Organic Carrots

Myco-Grow — Endo and ecto mycorrhizae adapt to a variety of soils, climates and plants. Helps restore the natural microbial community in the rhizosphere, resulting in improved disease resistance and improved plant growth.


Bio-Cozyme — A biological fertilizer additive that is composed of natural substances that enhance plants' nutrient uptake and productivity. Helps improve acquisition assimilation and translocation of nutrients


Rhizo Feed — A liquid carbon-based fertilizer additive formulated to export plant root zone microbial activity, amino acid, carbohydrate, carboxylic compounds improve soil structure and speed crop residue, de-composition by encouraging rhizosphere microbial activity.

Jump Start

Jump Start — Designed for application to field transplants or greenhouse. Seed germination stimulation, formulated for use in calcareous soils for beneficial effect that encourages greater distribution of roots within the rhizosphere.

Grow Organite

Grow Organite — Soil restoration with slow-release nitrogen and phosphorous, trace elements and humic acid. Inoculate depleted low performance soils, increase microbial activity in the rhizosphere. The proprietary microbes stimulate root development, helps build stable soil aggregates to improve soil structure and tilth. Apply as broadcast, starter fertilizer, side dress or preplant.

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