Grow More provides a premium blend of high quality ingredients that help build and stimulate the biological activity of your soil. Grow More nutrients aid in the natural conditioning of soil by fostering microbial activity. The presence of certain bacteria is a requirement of vigorous soil. These microbes operate on the organic matter in the soil and produce a release of plant nutrients.

Regular Use of Grow More Will Help:

1. Encourage better aerification of soil.

2. Normalize soil pH.

3. Improve water penetration in heavy textured soil and will improve moisture retention in sand and light textured soils.

4. Enhance soil nutritive holding and exchange capacity.

5. Build stable soil aggregates - improve soil structure and tilth.

Mycorrhizas - are beneficial root colonizing microorganisms that provide a major beneficial effect on the host plant by increasing the below ground combined surface area of roots (and mycorrhizas) for more efficient acquisition of nutrients. Grow More Research Farm contains both ENDO an ECTO forms.

Other Beneficial Soil Microbes - are added to selected formulas. These microbes are found in association with well composed soil and are part of the complex rhizosphere (root zone) and can stimulate root growth depending on environmental condition, soil type and organic carbon content of soil.

Humic Acid - is added as a primary carbon substrate for rhizosphere microorganisms, but can also become effective for mineral nutrient mobility as metabolites of microbial activity.


- Improves soil structure.

- Provides substrate for increased microbial colonization.

- Enhances root stimulation.

- Improves - water retention in sandy soil.


- Controlled natural pH.

- Low salt index.

- Reliable product quality.

- Favorable 9:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio.

- Low ash content.

- High silica content.

- No sewage sludge.


- No bio-solids.

- N-P-K plus Ca and Mg + micros.

- 30 - 50% Nutrient release in 1st season.

- Naturally occurring micro nutrients.

- Sugars, carbohydrates, amino cellulose to enhance rhizosphere microbes.

All Formulas Fortified with Humic Acid and 7 Strains Beneficial Soil Microbes.
Plus 8 Species of Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae.

Flower and Bloom 3-6-6

Flower and Bloom • 3-6-6

  • Low nitrogen formula - so flower's bloom lasts longer.
  • Gentle, no burning formula, recommended for hanging baskets.
  • Excellent when transplanting.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06020-5

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06021-2

Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron 5-5-3

Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron • 5-5-3

  • A special formula for all acid loving plants including evergreens and berry plants.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06025-0

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06026-7

Rose Food 4-6-2

Rose Food • 4-6-2

  • Formulated for acid loving roses.
  • Nutrient balanced to encourage blossom and root development.
  • Fertilize in the Spring or Summer, prior to flush of new growth.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06080-9

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06081-6

Citrus and Avocado 7-3-3

Citrus and Avocado • 7-3-3

  • Use for container-grown or in-ground planting.
  • Fertilize in the Spring or Summer, prior to flush of new growth.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06001-4

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06044-1

Fruit and Vegetable 4-5-3

Fruit and Vegetable • 4-5-3

  • A source of slightly higher phosphorus to nitrogen ratio nutrients to encourage root development in fast growing vegetables and fruits.
  • Can be used any time of the growing season

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06017-5

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06018-2

Vegetarian 5-2-2

Vegetarian • 5-2-2

  • Contains no animal, fish or poultry products.
  • Made with cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal and soft rock phosphate.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06011-3

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06012-0

Palm Food 6-3-6

Palm Food • 6-3-6

  • Formulated for palms with extra magnesium and acid forming ingredients.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06005-2

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06076-2

Kelp Meal 0-0-2

Kelp Meal • 0-0-2

  • Excellent source of natural occuring growth stimulants.
  • Enhances plant's resistance to diseases, pests and cold.
  • Cold water-processed to preserve the nutrients.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06031-1

10lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06032-8

Alfalfa Meal 2-0-0

Alfalfa Meal • 2-0-0

  • Recommended for use in vegetable gardens, roses or other flowering plants.
  • Nutrients released over 2 to 4 month period.
  • Contains natural growth stimulant: Triacontanol.

Sizes Available:

3lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06035-9

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06036-6

Fish Meal 4-0-0

Fish Meal • 4-0-0

  • Traditional use source of nitrogen and phosphorus and trace potash.
  • Suitable for use as a plant tea - add 1 tbsp. to 1 gal. of water, allow to soak overnight, stir occasionally, use the next day.

Sizes Available:

3lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06033-5

10lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06034-2

Guano 10-10-1 (Seabird)

Guano • 10-10-1 (Seabird)

  • Natural source of fast acting Nitrate and Ammoniacal Nitrogen.
  • Soluble Phosphate.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06051-9

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06052-6

Potassium Sulfate 0-0-50

Potassium Sulfate • 0-0-50

  • Soluble readily available potash.
  • Source of sulfur.
  • Helps enhance color and size of fruit.
  • Needed most during bloom and fruit development.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06097-7

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06098-4

All-Purpose Soil Builder 5-5-5

All-Purpose Soil Builder 5-5-5

  • Contains all natural slow realease ingredients.
  • Developed to increase the activity of beneficial soil micro-organisms.
  • Balanced ratio of nitrogen-phosphorus-potash.

Sizes Available:

4lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06014-4

15lbs. - UPC: 0-80986-06015-1


Biologically Active Soil I Lb. per 120 sq. ft. Medium Fertility Soil. I Lb. per 90 sq. ft. Poor Soil I Lb. per 60 sq. ft.


Prepare foliar tea, mix I tablespoon per gallon of water. Allow to stand overnight. Apply as foliar after straining through cheese cloth.


4lb. Box

16lb. Bag

50lb. Bag