Grow More EDTA's are chelated with Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid are recognized worldwide by leading agricultural producers, university research centers and testing laboratories as the most powerful chelating agents available. For soil or foliar application at rates as low as 1 Lb per acre or 1 Kg per hectare.


Citra Grow micronutrients are chelated with organic citric acid, the entire compound benefits the plant. For foliar or soil application. Approved for organic agriculture. Effective at 2 to 4 quarts per acre or 4 to 9 liters per hectare.

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FERT-ALL Micronutrients are derived from wood, approved for organic agriculture, lignins carry a cationic charge making the ideal choice lor soil application. The sugars and carbohydrates occurring naturally with lignin molecule stimulate microbes in the Rhizosphere that benefit plant growth.


Supply nitrate nitrogen and metal for fast acting foliar application. Compatible with Calcium Nitrate.