Conifer and Hardwood Formulations • 7-40-17 • 20-7-19 • 4-25-35

Grow More's three part growing system helps insure fast reliable production for forestry nursery managers. Three formulas provide correct nutrient ratio at critical growth stages with nitrogen supplied in the preferable Nitrate Ammoniacal form.

7-40-17 Conifer - Root Enhancing Formula

High phosphate formula, is recommended to be used as a starter for recently germinated seedlings. Begin feeding as soon as roots appear. Young roots require calcium - use Grow More 16-0-16 if calcium is absent from the growing media. Recommended dosage - 75 to 100 ppm Nitrogen.

20-7-19 Conifer Soilless - Grow Formula

Designed to promote maximum shoot to root ratio. 60% of the Nitrogen is in the Nitrate form for rapid uptake and utilization. Nitrate Nitrogen is the preferred Nitrogen source when using low ph growing media. If no calcium is present use Grow More 16-0-16.

Start using 20-7-19 about 3 to 4 weeks after root development and continue up until hardening off time. Recommended dosage - 100 to 150 ppm Nitrogen.

4-25-35 - Finisher Formula

Helps harden off and shut down the vegetative growth to prepare seedlings for transplanting in fields. Application of finisher formula usually timed for the last few weeks prior to removal from the growing bench, along with reduced watering and cooling. Recommended dosage 50 to 100 ppm Nitrogen.